Systems Engineering

Human Spaceflight Systems and Subsystem Designs

Expanding Frontiers

Deep Space Systems has supported the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle since it was proposed by Lockheed Martin and selected by NASA as the nation's deep space exploration vehicle in 2006.

We provide a variety of human exploration spaceflight system and subsystem engineers, leads, and subject matter experts in support of Orion.

System Analyses and Integration

Deep Space Systems has several individuals who have been Spacecraft System Design Lead, Chief Engineer, or Chief Systems Engineer on complex space missions and systems. These mentors are training our next generation of leaders.

  • Power

    Power generation, conversion, distribution, storage, and control.

  • Thermal

    Thermal systems analysis, design, integration, and testing.

  • Telecomm

    Telecommunications systems analysis, design, integration, and testing.

  • Propulsion

    They don't call it rocket science for nothing.

  • Consumables

    This includes fuel, food, water, oxygen, nitrogen, leak rates, packaging, crew items, cleaning items, and just about anything that is used up during flight.

  • Trajectory

    Planets are constantly moving, you can't just launch at any time. The planets have to align just right.

Requirements Development and Modeling

Model-Based Systems Engineering

This is where we set our course for the development of a spacecraft. Everything is carefully planned and considered before anything is actually constructed. This is done in what is called a domain model.

Domain models are mapped to our tools with the goal of doing electronic design capture with direct linkage to analysis and requirements verification everywhere possible.

System Architecture Definition and MBSE

Model-Based Systems Engineering

We are working with our customers to implement Model-Based Systems Engineering and Design Capture using modern toolsets and environments.

We can adapt our techniques and methods to those chosen by our customers or their sponsors as programs dictate or as technologies advance.

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