Subsystem Integration

Subsystem Integration

We Have Disciplined Engineering Leads For Almost Any Subsystem 

For both robotic and human exploration systems, we have engineers that have been there and done that.

Specialty Engineering Skills

  • Boundary Element Analysis

    We analyze such things as electromagnetism and fluid mechanics in space craft. We use the boundary element method when we  solve these linear partial differential equations.

  • CAD modeling and database management

    Computer Assisted Design or CAD is 3D modeling that is used for simulations. These models have properties that emulate the real. Then the data is extrapolated and organized in our databases.

  • Electrical system and wiring harness design

    Though our electrical systems are complex, they are well organized and ready for incorporation in spacecraft. We never neglect power efficiency and maintainability in our crafts.

  • Finite Element Analysis

    Our model based design and analysis tools ensure that we are analyzing what we are building.

  • Structural Dynamic Environments Design/Analysis

    We have a complete in-house dynamic analysis capability.

    We can design static loads tests where analysis alone is not sufficient, or to validate analysis methods.

  • System and subsystem process analysis and automation

    We are expert in space systems processes from manufacturing to in flight rendezvous and docking involving mechatronics.

  • Tooling design and mechanical system construction

    If you need a test fixture, mechanical ground systems equipment, special transportation equipment, let us help you get what you need and do what you need to do.

  • Radiation Susceptibility Analysis and Testing

    We can analyze your environment, mission duration, worst case conditions, and recommend parts and/or a testing regime for you. We have lots of experience in conducting both high-energy proton and heavy ion testing.

Specialty Engineering Skills

  • Component Environmental Test Definition and Execution

    We make our own test procedures tailored to your applications to ensure that we do the right tests, at the right levels with the right pass/fail criteria.

  • Evironmental Control and Life Support Integration and Test

    These systems are paramount for the survival of not only the mission, but also the astronauts on those missions.

  • GN&C Subsystem Integration and Test

    This critical area of hardware, firmware, software, autonomy, crew ground roles and/or responsibilities is an area where we have lots of real world mission experience.

  • Human Spaceflight System and Subsystem Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) Certification

    We have the people that have done these jobs for human spaceflight and know the ropes.

  • Research Facility and Integration and Test

    Do you have an IRAD or advanced development that you need help with?  We can rapidly turn around electronics, housings, harness, test fixtures, and/or special test equipment as suits your needs.

  • Test and in-flight anomaly resolution, data analysis

    We have some of the most seasoned and experienced deep space flight operations engineers in the world. There is no substitute for this depth of experience when the chips are down and your spacecraft or system is in trouble.

  • Vibration analysis and testing

    We can analyze your design and help you design a test or avoid testing with the proper application of margins and/or factors of safety.

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