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Deep Space Systems specializes in offering exceptional services. Click on any of the pictures below to learn more about each one.

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  • Mission and System Analysis

    Analysis is a key part of the engineering process. We analyze data before it goes out and analyze all of our test results.

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  • Assembly and Testing

    With all the parts conceptualized, it's time to put them together and make sure they're flight-ready. We do thermal vacuum, vibration, shock, and many other forms of testing at Deep Space Systems.

  • Engineering Services

    This is what we specialize in. Our engineers have been involved in a plethora of missions. When a program needs a specialist, we're there.

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  • Engineering Visualization

    Our artists bring the concepts to life. By working with our experienced engineers, our renders and films showing off our designs are accurate and beautiful.

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  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C)

    There is no mission without knowing how to get there. These systems will make sure our people and our spacecrafts will arrive safely to their interplanetary destinations.

  • Life Support/

    Crew Systems

    Keeping our astronauts alive is a key concern in spacecraft design. Astronauts need heat, air, food, water. Along these needs, the astronauts need to be able to access and use panels.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    For production, this step is key. The design of mechanical systems can be the difference between life and death for astronauts and the mission itself.

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  • Mission Formulation

    After an idea is born, it requires much more thought before it can be built. We make missions that plan for every outcome and take them in stride.

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  • Payload and Vehicle Integration

    Cooperation feeds success. Not all missions are large enough for their own launches so we design to allow for payloads like smaller cube satellites to fit in along with the main mission.

  • Program Management

    Our managers have worked on scores of missions, they use their considerable experience to make sure the missions launch on schedule.

  • Propulsion

    There's no mission without the propulsion. This is the heart and soul of rocket science. Our engineers account for flow rate, mass, and thrust to ensure the payload gets to where it needs to be.

  • Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance

    Safety is of the utmost concern. Here we consider every aspect of the mission and verify that all parts are well conceived, made, and tested properly.

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  • Subsystem Integration

    On spacecraft, systems need to work together cohesively and without interference from others. 

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  • Systems Engineering

    This is the main service that Deep Space Systems offers. Any engineering problem can and will be solved, it only takes time.

  • Telecommunications

    On average, Mars is about 140,000,000 miles away from Earth. Our systems allow our engineers to contact missions that far.

  • Mission Operations

    From nominal to contingency situations, mission operations are paramount to the success of the mission. Our mission operations anticipate the needs of the mission even if critical failure is imminent.

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