Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance

Our equipment, test facilities, test procedures, components, and systems all go through rigorous inspection, testing, analysis, and review to become certified as suitable for spaceflight programs and in accordance with customer requirements.


Safe Systems, Safe Handling, Safe People

From production to mission completion, our systems are safe. We focus on the safety of our employees, crew members, team members, and the systems they interact with.


We have standard operating procedures, processes, signage, equipment and training in place to prevent Foreign Object Debris (FOD), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), transportation, handling  incidents, manufacturing or test incidents.


We protect our employees by making sure that tests are done safely and properly.


It's important to not only keep our own planet in mind, but also the planets we visit to protect them for generations to come.


We make sure that work sites are safe, both for terrestrial and extraterrestrial workers.


The systems themselves need to be reliable and safe to use.

Reliability, Maintainability, Supportability

Well Designed Means Longer Lasting

Some future space systems will need to outlive their creators.

Lifetime and life cycle thinking is required to design and test those elements that require long term operation.

Quality Assurance

Great Ideas, Great Products

We know that quality is paramount for everything we do, and is reflected in our procedures, our tests, our equipment, our systems, and our training.  Attention to detail and careful consideration of changes to process, materials, and other potential sources of problems is etched into our consciousness based on industry lessons learned.

We follow GIDEP alerts, employ and retain discipline experts, and emphasize learning and refreshment in training to help keep our commitment to quality strong.



Experience can come a few seconds after you really need it.  We study the successes and failures in the industry to add to our own hard-earned experience.

Good management and leadership always makes Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance a company priority.