The Ruler of the Rocket Equation

This is the essence of all rocket science. Physics doesn't change but spacecraft do.


It's all about finding the balance between payload and propulsion.

Deep Space Systems propulsion engineers have seen it all, from cold gas, monoprop, solid, hybrid, bi-prop, solar electric, nuclear electric, nuclear thermal, ion, Hall effect, and plasma.

We can help select and design the propulsion system that best suits your needs.

The Balance

Imagine you're driving a pickup truck that has to make it from the east coast of the USA to the west. That would take a lot of fuel. Now imagine that you have to carry all that fuel in the back of the pickup truck.

A problem arises, if you load your truck with that much fuel, it won't be fuel efficient. You'd end up spending more fuel because of the weight. The more fuel you burn, the lighter the load and the more fuel efficient you are. This is the essence of the rocket equation.