Program Management

Deep Space Systems subject matter experts and project management specialists can develop comprehensive management plans and products for your enterprise.


We can develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or help you respond to RFPs.

Management and Administration

Great Leaders for Great Teams

Our managers, leads, and subject matter experts have worked on dozens of missions: Orion, Mars Insight, MRO, and many others.

We can help you organize, mobilize and execute.

Financial Analysis

Financial Planning, Analysis, and Controls

Are you bidding a firm-fixed price program?  How do you cover the uncertainty and yet remain competitive?


DSS can assist with the financial planning, analysis and controls for any contract type from FFP to Cost Plus Incentive Fee.


This begins with an in depth analysis of the customer and/or vendor terms and conditions, and includes a strategy consistent with your risk posture.

Cost Allocation/ Cost Reporting

Earned Value Management

Life Cycle Cost Management