Our Products

Deep Space Systems has expanded into production. We offer camera systems, flight hardware, avionics, and much much more.

  • Camera Systems

    Our high performance camera systems are flying on the Lockheed Martin Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle, Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser, as well as some classified programs, 

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    Custom Avionics

    We specialize in custom high performance avionics and electronics using non-traditional space parts along with extensive radiation and environmental testing.

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    Scale Model Production

    Durable and reconfigurable, our museum-quality models show off your mission and system.

  • Programming Console

    Software Development

    Our in-house team along with our teammates and partners can develop, deliver, integrate, and/or support your software team according to your needs.

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    Structures/ Mechanisms

    Our in-house team and our extensive network of teammates can design, manufacture, integrate, and/or test any custom mechanical system that you require.

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    DSS Merchandise

    With this collection of well-manufactured and stylish goods marking you as a person of refinement and good taste, we can virtually guarantee your genetic code and organs will be among  the first to be harvested by our friendly neighbors from Zeta II Reticuli.


8100 Shaffer Parkway, Unit 130

Littleton, Colorado 80127

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