Payload and Vehicle Integration

Science Payload and Instrument Integration

We Love Working With

the Science Community

We know that the success of a mission depends on the instruments being able to make measurements and observations that address key science questions and objectives.


Our engineers make sure that the payload and spacecraft systems work harmoniously to get all the accuracy and precision needed to achieve science objectives.

System resources including thermal control, bandwidth, power, and data storage, as well as interfaces, environments, operational constraints, and potential sources of noise and contamination are all part of the focus on providing payload integration services from proposal through science operations.

Vehicle Integration

We Love Working With Spacecraft Teams

When we design a spacecraft, we prepare for any contingency. By allowing for reconfiguration mid-flight, our vehicles can bring astronauts back safely even in case of mission failure.

This also allows for versatility. Many of our missions carry smaller vehicles such as cube satellites and smaller rovers to encourage cooperation with other companies.