Mission Formulation

Deep Space Systems is exceptional in mission concept and formulation.


Proposals make the world go round and allow us to go around worlds.

Mission/System Design and Analysis

Taking mission objectives and requirements and translating those into a model based design that can be thoroughly analyzed.

Advanced Programs Concept Development

Our artists visualize the concepts in 3D models and animations to give life to the ideas.

Gateway interior 12-19-18 (2).png
Mars Base Camp

Why build a base on Mars when you can have the base orbit Mars instead? Mars Base Camp does just that. By orbiting Mars, the MBC allows for more widespread human exploration. Instead of the single location that a ground base allows for, Mars Base camp will allow for planet-wide exploration beginning with exploration of the two moons: Phobos and Deimos.

Deep Space Systems supports Lockheed Martin's plans and proposals for orbit based logistics nodes as a springboard for human exploration missions.

Lockheed Martin Next Step Lunar Orbit Gateway

The International Space Station is a key first step in the expansion of humankind into space. The Lockheed Martin Next Step Lunar Orbit Gateway will broaden the horizon, serving as a safe haven and operational base node orbiting the Moon for research and logistics - a stepping off location for missions to and from the Lunar surface.