Mission and Systems Analysis

Deep Space Systems provides engineering services for mission and systems analysis including trajectory design, propulsion system performance, power and energy balance, thermal systems analysis, link margins, attitude and pointing, platform stability, radiation susceptibility, mass properties, manufacturability, maintainability, compliance, lifetime/reliability, and system metrics/margins.

We will develop a complete analysis plan for your mission/system functionality, performance, and environmental requirements based on your needs.

Thermal Analysis

We employ tools like Thermal Desktop to perform component to mission/system thermal analysis.

Thermal analysis includes defining hot and cold cases based on mission sequencing, attitude, fields of views, planetary body properties, passive and active thermal components, and conductive, radiative, and convective material properties and surface finishes.

  • ATCS Thermal Sizing/ System Performance

    Our Active Thermal Control (ATCS) automatically controls thermal zones based on mission defined set points. These systems can also be manually changed or monitored from mission operations back on Earth.

  • Detailed Radiator Thermal Analysis and Performance

    DSS can design active or passive radiator systems based on your requirements.

Testing Analyses

We can analyze your mission/system design and environments and recommend the test program that best meets your needs and constraints in budget and schedule.


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