Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers apply engineering, physics, and materials sciences to design components and systems for spaceflight, from cameras to Lunar Landers.

Mechanical Design

Design, Assembly, Test, and Anaylsis

The whole is only as good as the sum of all of its parts. We design systems that incorporate effectively and don't sacrifice power efficiency. We assemble systems and test them in preparation for flight operations.



We design mechanisms for flight and analysis on spacecraft. They are tested for quality and certified flight-ready.



Our mechanical products are high quality and made to last even in extreme situations.



DSS has expanded into production. We now machine components and assemble them.



Not only is it important to make excellent parts, but integrating the parts well is paramount.

Testing and Analyses

Quality Assured Through System Checks

Everything we do is certified flight-ready. Our systems are tested and analyzed to meet the high standards of our customers and ourselves. We call for quality and safety above all else.