Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Our employees and teammates have been a part of JPL and Lockheed Martin Mars Lander missions from Mars Pathfinder to Mars Insight.  The DSS team has created our own hardware in the loop testbed for our CLPS Lunar Lander. We can help your team with whatever GN&C challenge you may be facing, including Rendezvous Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD).


We can rapidly transition your team from operational concepts to analyzable algorithms and testable flight software.

  • Backup Emergency Capabilities

    Our design approach can allow for various contingencies in case of emergency. Cost effective backup, emergency, and fail-safe systems are pathways to ensure the success of missions.

  • Requirements Derivation/


    ConOps drive requirements which flow down to and reach up from subsystems. We help ensure that this connectivity from what is most often existing, qualified hardware to mission requirements and constraints closes, or is reconciled by changes to ConOps or new development and testing.

  • Navigation Error Budgets for Development and Review

    By using Monte Carlo simulations, worst case analysis, and resource allocation methodologies, we will develop stability and pointing budgets as well as navigation state determination, control, and execution budgets for your mission.

  • Navigation System and Algorithm Development

    We have turn key solutions for optimized target to target slew based on priority and other weighting functions.  Or we can help you develop brand new techniques to optimize your unique navigation requirements.

  • Requirements Verification Analysis and

    Test Procedure Development

    We can provide complete hardware in-the-loop test solutions that are tightly integrated with ground test and command and telemetry software systems to help ensure a test-like-you-fly methodology.


Our model libraries allow us to rapidly configure accurate and complete models of your mission and systems, including:

  • Dynamics (rigid and, if necessary flexible body)

  • Environments (gravity, atmosphere, solar pressure, magnetic field, etc.)

  • Sensors (star cameras, optical or radio navigation aids, horizon, sun, gyros, accelerometers, magnetometer, pressure, etc.)

  • Effectors (reaction wheels, thrusters of all types and sizes, torque rods, aero surfaces, etc.)

Simulation Model Development and Documentation

If the simulation models that you need do not exist, we can build them for you.

Object-Oriented Software Architecture/ Design

Our object oriented approach to simulation libraries and related flight software, ground test software, and flight command and telemetry software allows us to instantiate your mission system design and begin meaningful analysis and testing in days not months.


Contrary to traditional aerospace lore, you do not need a building full of VME racks of EGSE to have a hardware in-the-loop testbed.  We can help you make your spacecraft a safe test-like-you-fly testbed, and to clone cost-effective replicas of the core avionics to become HITL testbeds that can fit on a desktop.

Let us help you get more bang for your buck in test effectiveness.

  • Flight Software Test Design and Review

    From code inspection, to designed stress testing and risk reduction testing based on strategically developed test vectors, we can help ensure that your flight software eliminates dead code and effectively tests viable pathways and conditions.

  • Flight Software Verification and Risk Reduction

    Once you have strategically developed your stress and risk reduction test vectors, we can help execute, analyze and document the test results.

  • Systems Integration and Real-Time HITL Testing

    The key to good real-time Hardware In-The-Loop (HITL) testing is to have a complete strategy for leaving sensors in the hardware and harness path. Our approach to flight/ground SW systems support this need.

  • Validation of Test Cases and Test Results

    How do you manage all of the test data you are creating?  How do you make it available yet keep it under configuration control?  How do you data mine and reach back in time understanding all the changes that have taken place? We can help here as well.


You've got a bunch of data, but what does it all mean?  Do you have all the data you need to verify by test? Where does verification by test leave off and verification by analysis, inspection or demonstration pick up?  Do you have the analysis tools you need to complete those tasks?  Our expert analysts can help you get it right, starting with an Analysis Plan.

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