Engineering Services

This is what our company was founded on. We offer expert engineering services for our customers on human and robotic exploration or technology programs, including product development, from gadgets to architectural concepts.


Software is the connective tissue and brains of the flight and ground systems.

Software is not a part of the system. Software IS the system come to life.


Electrical and Avionics Engineering

We proudly make flight-hardware that allow spacecraft to soar to new horizons and explore where no one has ever been.

Quality Assurance

We check quality from the beginning. Not only are the final products checked for quality but also the materials used, our equipment, and even our own requirements are checked for quality. Quality means safety and success in a mission.

Materials Processing

We only use the best materials for productions. If the material doesn't meet our requirements, the material is scrapped. Quality is paramount here.

Equipment Requirements

All of our equipment is state of the art. From high-speed computers to excellent test equipment and machines, our equipment must meet strict calibration requirements before they can be used for production.

Requirements Development

Requirements can change. We update our requirements as needed to guarantee that all of what we work on and with is safe and ready for production.

Material Operations

We use only the best materials in our assembly process. The materials that come in are inspected thoroughly and prepared for machining or assembly.

Material Processing

Our material is weighed and labeled for use and processed to be flat for the CNC.

Quality Control

Before the material can be put in the CNC, it has to meet our standards. We inspect the materials for flaws or discrepancies and only then send them on their way.


The materials are then shaped into frames for the components we are producing.