Avionics and Electrical Engineering

With quick turn-around, efficient prototyping and testing, our avionics are low-cost without sacrificing quality.

High Performance


Think that you can't get the performance you need?

We can help you integrate radiation and thermal-screened commercial electronics, and can design high performance systems that are impossible using traditional EEE parts requirements. This hardware is durable, lightweight, thoroughly tested and built to last in space.  This type of hardware has been approved by NASA for flight on the Orion Multipurpose Crew Vehicle at levels up to Crit 1S.

Electronics Board Design

Our in-house design and rapid prototyping capability allows our veteran avionics engineers to rapidly deploy new functionality and high performance embedded systems.  Applications include power conversion, distribution, control, generation and storage, as well as high-speed computing, high volume and data rate storage, high speed interfaces, two wire heater/temp sensing circuits, single board computers, microcontrollers, and FPGA driven state machines.