Who We Are

Deep Space Systems Incorporated is a space systems engineering company located in Littleton, Colorado that supports the design, development, integration, testing, and operations of science, technology, and exploration spacecraft.

ATX 4k
ATX 4k

Orion Excursion Mission
Orion Excursion Mission


ATX 4k
ATX 4k


We hire the best of the best to bring our customers' missions to life. From concept through operations, from circuits to structures, from radiation testing to project management, we can support your space enterprise.


Our flight hardware product line began with providing eleven cameras and two camera controllers for each of the Orion Exploration-1 (EM-1) and EM-2 missions. 


Deep Space Systems is AS9100D certified. We are under contract to deliver Criticality 1S hardware and Criticality 3 flight hardware in support of NASA missions and Class D hardware in support of classified missions.

Additional Certification

NASA 8739.1b - Polymerics

IPC-J-STD-001 with Space Addendum -Solder

NASA 8739.4 - Cable/Harness

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We offer a wide variety of careers to choose from that will push your career forward. Internships, full-time, and part-time positions are all offered. Work with aerospace veteran engineers and enjoy a welcoming workplace that brings challenges and opportunities alike.

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Every company has its humble beginnings, we're no exception


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Our team is chock full of talent. With over 90 employees, Deep Space Systems has a wide range of skills that can be used in almost any space program.

Where we are

Located in Littleton, Colorado, we are about 5.5 miles north of the Lockheed Martin Space Campus.