Located in Littleton, Colorado, Deep Space Systems Inc. supports the design, development,

integration, testing, and operations of science, technology, and exploration spacecraft.


DSS develops innovative engineering solutions across the aerospace industry. Our engineering services provide design and analysis of space systems and subsystems including Structures, Mechanisms, Propulsion, Power, Thermal, Telecommunications, Avionics, Optical, and Instrumentation systems.


Deep Space Systems provides clients with an expert, diversely skilled engineering team equipped with state of the art tools to meet various challenges in aerospace.


Through hard work, attention to detail, focus on customer objectives, and close collaboration, we help ensure mission success for our customers in the civil, commercial, and defense sectors.


Our products range from integrated spacecraft to fully qualified space components to ground support equipment and software.

We specialize in traditional and non-traditional flight hardware production techniques, with a heavy emphasis on testing.


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