President: Dr. Philip G Good
2448 S. Clayton St.
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303-521-8211


Infiniti Engineering specializes in Guidance, Navigation and Control of satellites and spacecraft missions. Our particular fields of expertise include Flexible Body and Multi-body Dynamics Modeling and Controls, Pointing Control of Articulated Systems, and Analysis and Design of Attitude Determination Systems, including Kalman Filter design. We have supported multiple missions from proposal development through analysis, verification, testing and mission operations. We have supported and continue to support many Lockheed Martin Civil Space programs, including Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, JUNO, Mars Odyssey, Stardust, Phoenix, Orion, GOES-R, MAVEN and InSight. We have extensive expertise with aerospace engineering tools such as Matlab/Simulink/SimMechanics, Adams and STK and have extensive experience with flight operations tools and the OTB/SoftSim testing environment. We have developed and implemented the dyamics models for the OTB/SoftSim flight simulations for the Mars Odyssey, MRO, JUNO, GOES-R and MAVEN missions.

Infiniti Engineering has been in existence for 12 years and currently has two employees who work 100% on Lockheed Martin Civil Space Programs.