Robert Bell

Chief Systems Engineer, Chief Engineer

Total Management Experience – 23 years. Management of both small and large-scale projects and programs valued from $0.6 up to $650 M various locations from Florida to Hawaii. Have demonstrated experience in all aspects of program management from concept to delivery of products. Have experience in all aspects of customer interfacing, EVMS, personnel management (up to 125 people), subcontract management, contract negotiating and mutually beneficial problem solving. Implemented best practice management (PMBP) and operations tools (lean, SHEA, process improvement, etc.) for use on internal, commercial and government contracts. A successful change agent and team builder in development of meeting program requirements and goals allowing the several government contracts to be successfully re-competed. I successfully managed a number of new facility builds and upgrades to existing facilities. Developed program concurrent engineering processes and implemented for the Dream Chaser program. Total Engineering Experience – 33 years. Held multiple engineering and system-level integration positions in the fields of cryogenics; cryogenic, storable and solid propulsion systems; hybrid propulsion systems; space system integration; mission assurance; missile defense as well as facility engineering, modification and activation. Highlights include leading the LM CEV Service Module propulsion system design, Maui AMOS observatory facility modifications, the Boeing RS-68 engine development IPT and Common Booster Core IPT thru CDR on the EELV program. Participated and led a number of space propulsion system tests at numerous locations. Skills include expertise with all cryogenic fluids as well as the use and development of slush and solid hydrogen as well as superfluid and super critical helium systems. Six years of prior Air Force experience in the field of Command and Control.