Giuseppe Pasqualino, M.S.

Engineer Senior

- Attention to detail and commitment to safety have been factors that prior coursework projects have given me. The importance of doing things correctly and well is an important value to me. - Ability to plan, manage, and execute projects evidenced by leadership of multidisciplinary design team in creation of laser test system for JEM-EUSO balloon prototype; multiple other projects, including the development of an autonomous robot adapted to measure and follow an arbitrary soil characteristic. - Ability to collect and analyze data displayed by troubleshooting tasks in recent projects, with technical reports of analysis and recommendations submitted to supervisors. - Mechanical Engineering Master’s provides an academically rigorous environment that addresses real-world engineering problems; personal interest in control systems, sensing, and mechatronics. While my education has developed my technical hard skills, it has also honed my soft skills. The success of a project depends on many components. Involvement in leadership activities has let me practice strong work ethics, time management, and outstanding communication skills with diverse, multidisciplinary teams, and maintaining a positive attitude has been an instrumental in the success of these projects.