Brian Ortiz Munoz

I come from a very diverse background that has allowed me to go through several experiences that have allowed me to gain skills unlike that of other candidates. Growing up in poverty opened my mind to seek new opportunities to be successful in life. Whenever I saw an opportunity, I seized it. For this reason my track record includes several achievements including multiple internships, the Daniel's Fund Scholarship, and the AFRL Outstanding Scholar Award. I face challenges head on and never give up. To date I have accomplished many goals and continue setting new ones. Thanks to a nomination from the Colorado Congressman, Ed Perlmutter, I was admitted to the United States Air Force Academy my senior year of high school which was an invaluable experience until my path there was cut short for medical reasons. The path to the AFA was very rewarding because I learned to find my potential and realize that it is limitless. This allowed me to go forth and seek new opportunities to gain experience in as much as I could. My experience includes two internships with the United States Air Force Research Laboratories working on Biologically Inspired Magnetic Navigation and Assessing Computational Tools for Small UAVs. During the total 20 weeks at AFRL, I gained valuable exposure to solving problems without an answer in the back of a book. I was heavily exposed to programming in MATLAB and designing in SOLIDWORKS. I also was exposed to multiple new software packages that I had not used before. This allowed me to learn new things and learn how to apply them to my specific project.