Tracy M. Thompson, Director of Finance and Accounting

Office: 303.933.8210

Connie McCord, Contracts Manager
Office: 303.933.8210

Rachel Handel, Accounts Manager
Office: 303.933.8210

Stephen Bailey, President, Bids and Proposals, New Business
Mobile: 720.840.6895

Karl Lauffer, Vice President, Employee Relations
Mobile: 720.480.0600

Jose Tamayo, Lab Production Manager
DSS Lab: 720.389-9357


Deep Space Systems Corporate Office

10146 W. San Juan Way, Unit 200        
Littleton, CO 80127-6326

Deep Space Systems Labs (By Appointment Only)
11786 Shaffer Place, Unit S-204
Littleton, CO 80127-5618

United States


Founded in 2001, DSS has developed a strong core of Aerospace Engineering expertise. Our engineering specialists work on site to help your company design, build and launch interplanetary space craft and near-earth satellites. In 2015, we opened a lab where we design, modify and test cameras for spaceflight. Our fields of expertise include Systems Engineering, Programming, Microelectronics, Circuit Design and Rework. Our testing capabilities include thermal vac testing, full CNC machining, and vibration testing.