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Mission Systems Engineering
Operations Procedures and Checklists
Flight / Ground Integration
Verification and Validation
Cost / Risk Analyses
Functional analysis
Timeline analysis
Detail Trade Studies
Requirements Allocation
Interface Definition

Balance Performance/ Cost/ Schedule/ and Risk
Future Mission upgrade analysis
Managing Technical Reviews

Mechanical Product Planning
Mechanical Design for Fabrication/Assembly
Analysis: thermal/ stress/ loads/ deformation/ and dynamics
Test: thermal/ stress/ loads/ deformation/ dynamics/ and life
Mechanisms design
Complex Mechanical Structures
Heat-Transfer Systems

SW Development Planning and Execution
SW Design
SW Documenting
SW Testing
SW Problem Identification and Resolution
SW Standards Compliance

Electrical Component design and analysis
Software Standards development and maintenance
Software inspection/ testing/ verification and validation
Requirements development/ design/ and analysis
Material-processing operations
Material preparation and fabrication procedures
Environmental Test Design / Planning
Processing equipment requirements engineering
Evaluating quality control for materials processing
Atmospheric Entry Systems and Design Analysis
Electrical Engineering for Telecom/RF/Microwave Systems
Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)
Mission Operations

Navigation systems and algorithms development
Object-oriented software architecture and design
GN&C requirements derivation and decomposition
Simulation model development and documentation
Validation test cases and test results
GN&C requirements verification analysis
Requirements verification analysis procedure development
Navigation error budgets development and review
Backup Emergency Capability (BEC) engineering
FSW test design and review
Navigation filter design/ SW design/ and test documentation
GN&C systems integration and real-time HITL testing
GN&C FSW test plans and test procedures
GN&C FSW verification and risk reduction testing
Analyze navigation error budgets
Review navigation filter design

QA for hardware test/ integration and deployment
SR&QA Management & Administration
System Safety
Industrial/ Environmental/ and Site Safety
Reliability/ Maintainability/ and Supportability (RMS)
Software Quality Assurance

Earned Value Management
Life cycle cost management
Cost allocation/cost control/and cost reporting

Risk Management
Business Management
Configuration Management
Information Tech Management
Integrated Schedule Management
Special Studies

Spacecraft assembly tooling design
MGSE requirements analysis
Engineering drafting/ Pro/Engineer Wildfire preferred

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) development
Perform network analyses
Prepare for surveillance reviews
Subcontract Data Management
Subcontractor Statements of Work
Subcontractor Data Requirements Document
Task Descriptions for subcontractors
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Proposal Management Support
Identify/ obtain/ and define roles and responsibilities
Establish and track the proposal schedule

Proposal ground rules and assumptions
Basis of Estimates (BOEs) review
Lead the proposal approval process
Coordinate with the cost estimating team
Coordinate customer fact finding
Participate in negotiations
Metrics/ Tracking and Training
Integrated Product Team coordination
Metrics product training
Engineering Release Metrics Packages
Dashboard development Tableau S/W
Metrics development