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Michelle Bailey

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Stephen Bailey

President, Chief Engineer

Recruiting, New Business, Strategic Planning, Contracts

Has worked exclusively on space exploration systems since 1983:

- Industry (McDonnell Douglas)
- NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas
- Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California
- Small Business Owner/Officer
- Project Manager of Artemis Lunar Lander (JSC)
- System Design Lead for the Mars Polar Lander (JPL)
- System Design Lead for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (DSSI)
- System Design Lead for Various Lunar, Mars and Outer Solar System Exploration Studies and Proposals

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Karl Lauffer

Vice President, CFO

Finances, Human Resources

5 Years Experience in Spacecraft Design and Mission Operations:

- NASA, DOD and NRO Programs
- Small Business Owner/Officer
- NASA Programs Supported: Mars Climate Orbiter, Mars Polar Lander, Star Dust, Mars Odyssey, Genesis, Spitzer Space Telescope, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Phoenix Lander - CCSDS (Commanding/Uplink and Telemetry/Downlink)
- Onboard Data Management Design
- Mission Operations Critical Event Planning, Contingency Planning and Anomaly Resolution

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Kasey Wilcox